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pieter on 11 + 11 = 22
Love the way the ball is barely of the ground. Great shot

{H} creatives on 11 + 11 = 22
Great action shot! Cheers - {H}

martineb on 11 + 11 = 22
Excellent moment!! very dynamic!!

P.J. on 11 + 11 = 22
Good shot and nice catch with the two 11s.

Stunner on 11 + 11 = 22
Wonderful action shot! You did a spledid job with this capture!

sandrine on Can he make the save?
Awesome action shot!

tom on Can he make the save?
Awesome action shot.

Priya on Can he make the save?
Like the expressions and different actions here.

Stunner on Can he make the save?
Great action shot!!!

Denis on Standing Tall
Nice tall tree. fine picture.You are lucky to drive in the nature every morning

P.J. on Can he make the save?
I like it without the goalie. With the action being where it is, I find the goalie a bit distracting. Being I've ...

navin harish on Can he make the save?
Cool action shot

tom on Thunder ridge mx
Fantastic action shot. The dust really makes all the action visible.

tom on I'm in the middle of nowhere...I'll call you later
How could we ever live without mobiles :-)

Harry on Standing Tall
I like this near silouette with just a hint of detail in the foreground. The overall murkiness gives it a gloomy ...

sherri on Standing Tall
It was well worth the trouble you went to in my opinion. This looks like something I would buy and hang on my wall. I ...

don on I'm in the middle of nowhere...I'll call you later
A fine forest shot on this very attractive path. I like having the individual in the shot even on his cell phone. A ...

sandrine on I'm in the middle of nowhere...I'll call you later
great shot! i like the relaxed feel it has... Nature does have that effect on people...

P.J. on I'm in the middle of nowhere...I'll call you later
Interesting use of space at the top. Good framing and colors.

sherri on Fall biking
Ah, mountain biking. Our oldest son used to do this quite a bit. He still has two great mountain bikes, but things ...

sandrine on Thunder ridge mx
Great action shot!

P.J. on Fall biking
I'm itching just to be able to have a day to shoot! :)

Stunner on Fall biking
Looks like fun!

navin harish on Thunder ridge mx
Fine action shot

Barbara on Thunder ridge mx
Excellent action shot. I like how the dust is flying too.

sherri on Thunder ridge mx
I love watching these guys. They can pull some terrific stunts. Great action shot.

P.J. on Oops...
Woooopsie indeed!

P.J. on Thunder ridge mx
Good action with the wheelie at that point.

Ana Lúcia on Thunder ridge mx
Superb action shot. Bravissimo!

Alun Lambert on Thunder ridge mx
great action shot

don on Thunder ridge mx
This shot has a marvelous sense of speed. It also shows us, first hand, how fierce the competition is to be ...

sandrine on Oops...
Great capture! I might have tried to get the adults out of the shot...

sandrine on Craig and Diana
Lovely setting...

sandrine on The flower girl found mom...
Love it! Excellent capture...

Stunner on Oops...
A wonderful capture of the moment!

martineb on Oops...
Nice moment, indeed!! very beautiful shot!

Scene by Sharon Photography on Oops...
Absolutely adorable capture... nice job! Love the setting for the ceremony - really nice.

Viewfinder on Oops...
These sweet little unexpected scenes are what wonderful memories are made from.

don on Oops...
A little mishap adds interest and a very human touch to the ceremony. Nice shot.

sherri on Oops...
Awh, bless her heart:-) The corn crop is an unexpected element in the photo.

don on A fitting backdrop...
What an interesting setting for the ceremony. The extensive blur doesn't keep us from getting the idea very ...

Barbara on Alright...who knows how these damn ties work?!
Wonderful series you have here. This one makes me think of a Norman Rockwell scene.

Barbara on Cody and Carrie
What a great shot! I love the natural happy feel to it and the soft effect. Really out of the ordinary wedding image ...

sherri on Alright...who knows how these damn ties work?!
lol... Looks like it's gonna be a little short:-) Fun shot.

clarence on Alright...who knows how these damn ties work?!
Once you get the hang of it, you will do it in your sleep.

nazeeh on Alright...who knows how these damn ties work?!
I guess most have trouble with ties ... wonderful moment

don on Alright...who knows how these damn ties work?!
A fine informal shot that will be a keepsake among the brothers indefinitely. Fine idea to keep shooting even when ...

Nick on Cody and Carrie
Children of the corn?

Nick on Close play...

Nick on The flower girl found mom...
WoW! What a great moment.

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